How can you trust anything you read anymore? We're all worried about fake news damaging our democracy, getting stuck in the echo chamber of ideas, and blatantly being lied to by our politicians. Nick Pernisco from Understand Media has written an essential guide to surviving in this post-truth era. Get it free by signing up below. We will never spam you and never sell your information. We may occasionally let you know about new articles or eBooks you may enjoy.


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Media Literacy: 3rd Edition

media literacy 3rd edition

Media Literacy is a critical skill students must learn to succeed in today's tech-driven, media-saturated society. This book helps students understand media literacy, and how to implement and share that knowledge with others. As an experienced media literacy expert and professor, Nick Pernisco provides a well-researched guide for learning this important critical thinking skill and using it in everyday life. This is a must-read for anyone interested in learning how to interpret the enormous amounts of information we are exposed to every day, both in traditional media and online. Buy it now!