Media Literacy

Media literacy is an essential skill for living in the 21st century. It isn't something you need to know in addition to the other subjects you learn in school. Media literacy encompasses all other subjects, and it can be learned at any age, and in any context. This section contains articles discussing the concepts behind media literacy, and ways in which you can be more media literate.

New Media

New media is a term used to describe the convergence of traditional media in the internet environment. Blogs, podcasts, and wikis are all new media, as are websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Google. In this section, we cover the topic of new media, explain it's origins, and point out why it's so important and relevant in today's society.

Media Production

Although media is with us in every waking moment of our lives, few of us understand what goes on behind the scenes in a newsroom or on a film shoot. Wouldn't it be great to learn just how our favorite TV and radio shows are produced? If more of us learn how media is produced, more people would be interested in producing their own! The articles below attempt to remove the mystique behind media production.

Media Theory

This section outlines various concepts in media theory, helping readers learn about the origins and concepts behind media. Of all the sections on Understand Media, this one is perhaps the most academic. If you are a student studying Communication, Media Studies, Speech, Broadcasting, Filmmaking, or any other related academic area, you will find this section particularly useful.

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Media Literacy: 3rd Edition

media literacy 3rd edition

Media Literacy is a critical skill students must learn to succeed in today's tech-driven, media-saturated society. This book helps students understand media literacy, and how to implement and share that knowledge with others. As an experienced media literacy expert and professor, Nick Pernisco provides a well-researched guide for learning this important critical thinking skill and using it in everyday life. This is a must-read for anyone interested in learning how to interpret the enormous amounts of information we are exposed to every day, both in traditional media and online. Buy it now!